Saturday, June 23, 2012


Along the way, our eyes were stunned enjoying the beautiful view. These scenery of nature and hereditary culture seemed to be invisible for us who mingled with crowds in the down town. It is a bit of the description which represents what we experienced when we visited Garut, West Java.
We rode the latest version of Mitsubishi Pajero Sport on various road contours which inclined and also steep and rocky tracks in order to collect various interesting stories for the readers. We had a lot of stories from this region which is famous with its Dodol. From its beautiful scenery, its unique typical foods up to its timeless culture and customs.
For four days in that city, we gathered many interesting stories and lessons which could be written for this magazine or just remained in our memories as a life experience. People in Garut was very nice, the tourism potentials were also stunning. For you who are really love travelling, you don’t need to go abroad. Just come here, there are so many tourism objects that you can enjoy like Santolo Beach, Situ Bagendit or many other beautiful nature of Garut that remains untouchable.
Because of its beauty, a comedian, Charlie Chaplin even visited Garut twice. He was really amazed to its beautiful nature. Foreigners often named this city as Switzerland van Java. The immigrants from Europe even called it with “mooi” expression which means gorgeous. They often stayed in Dolce Villa, Papandayan hotel, and also Ngamplang Hotel and so did Charlie Chaplin. Even more, at that time Queen Wilhelmina (Dutch) had a special retreat in Palalangan region. Palalangan are rows of hills which are located in Leles District. Below this place, there is a situ Cangkuang (artificial lake) Which is 15 km away from the town center of Garut.
Meanwhile, Situ/Dam Bagendit was often used as a base for cesna amphibian plane, resort and also as a hiding place for APRA officers like Van Dheer Plas and Van Dheer Bode. So, now wonder if we served the beauty and the elegance of Garut to you, all our beloved readers. Enjoy reading! ES
source : Tourism and Health Magazine

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