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The historical and ancient legacies in Kabuyutan Ciburuy site come from classic and megalitihic era. It proves the glory of Garut in the past. The trip to Ciburuy Village, Pamalang hutment, Bayongkong District can be reached for an hour from the town of Garut. The road is smooth and asphalted.
This village used to be a battle arena for Prabu Kiansantang (the son of Prabu Siliwangi) to fight against the warlords in Java island. This village also keeps the historical treasures in the form of cultural heritages in Kabuyutan site. The size of Kabuyutan Ciburuy site is like a mini museum. There are three traditional houses; among them is Bumi Padaleman which keeps ancient palm leaf manuscript. There is also Bumi Patoman which keeps weapon like keris (dagger), kujang and trident and also music instrument Gong Renteng which became forerunner for Degung traditional art in present day. Amd the last is Li, bung Padi (granary) in which people kept their paddy crop.
Once upon a time, it used to be a battle fight arena by Prabu Kiansantang. One day he found a keris and he had a revelation to stick it in a rock. Then, water came out flowed from the rock. From the revelation also, he banded the keris with his turban, then he drowned the turban so that the keris stopped at a point.
In the place where the keris was stopped Prabu Kiansantang met his true rival. From all previous opponents, Prabu Kiansantang met his true rival. From all previous opponents, Prabu Kiansantang never lose a battle until this man, the messenger of Sayyidin Ali, H.Mustafa came. Then they fought. And this time, Prabu Kiansantang must admit the H. Mustafa’ victory and lost the battle.
After Prabu Kiansantang was defeated, H.Mustafa told him to go to the holy land to meet Sayyidina Ali and then all Prabu Kiansantang’s weapons were left in Ciburuy. If you visit Ciburuy Village, you can see cultural heritages like: keris, bende (bronze bells), kujang (the weapon of Prabu Siliwangi), trident, spear, and ancient Javanese manuscript which was written by Prabu Kiansantang on nipa and palm leaves.
Unfortunately, the manuscript collection Ciburuy in Village is not too popular among the people although Ciburuy-Bayongbong Garut is the only heritage of ancient Sundanese scriptorium which survives until now. The condition of these ancient Sundanese manuscripts was very bad if you see the maintenance. You are not allowed to visit Ciburuy Village on Friday and Saturday, so better come at the other days. ES
source : Tourism and Health Magazine

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