Sunday, June 24, 2012

Curug Malela, the Niagara Mini in Bandung, West Java

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So much natural beauty which belonged to Indonesia, unfortunately not all of these are natural tereksplore. One of which is contained in Curug Malela Bandung, West Java.
The natural beauty that never existed in gali, inexhaustible to be my kembalilagi to alasana to tatar Sunda. A land which is not only rich in culture, but also the beauty of the landscapes. One of them is Curug Malela.
Curug is a beautiful Malela curug in Kampung Manglid, village of Cicadas, Cavities, West Bandung Regency. To achieve the necessary struggle curug is not easy. You have to travel approx. 3 hours time to enter the estate Montaya, at an altitude of 1000 mdpl.
It was not until in situ, the brutal conditions of the road after crossing the junction kubang. Large sharp rocks into roadblocks along the 3 km to the parking area curug. The challenge to curug gets bigger when the rainy season arrived because there are some parts of the road an easy avalanche. So, we recommend that you take your jeep with a spare tire that is ready to use.
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Following up parking, you still have to walk about 1 km down the hills and passes through the paddy fields of the population. The long struggle to reach curug will paid off already when You arrive on site.
The beauty of Curug Malela directly eliminate tiredness during the journey. So beautiful, this is called by the term curug Niagara Mini at the western end of Bandung. Secured was blown away!
Curug Malela has 70 meters wide with a height of 60 meters. The name itself comes from the name Malela community leaders around, namely Lord Spurs Malela. The tomb of this can be found at the top of the cliff right curug. The cliffs are said to have the age of 5 until bebatuannya range 10 million this year, formed by Ancient volcanic eruptions that used to be found in the South Island.
If the opportunity comes to curug, you should try the freshness of the water. But it must be observed, avoid swimming just below the flow of a waterfall, because quite dangerous. If you want to swim, You can try in an area not far from the fall of the waterfall, where there is a quieter water flow.
Don’t forget to bring supplies of food and drink, because at this location there is not a seller. But don’t forget to bring back the resulting waste, because there is not a trash can.

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