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Garut has various special and unique traditional culinary. Burayot is one of them. Unfortunately, its existence has faded away. Somehow, luckily there are still some people who are still care with this ancestor’s legacy.
Its size is small, but the taste is really strong. My tongue seemed to get a great fight when my mouth was chewing this black chake. Dodol from Garut, the taste really make my tongue never stop dancing.
Made form the mixture of sticky rice and sugar, this traditional cake is well known for its special taste which is different from other similar cake from other region. No wonder if Garut is also named The city of Dodol.
If you visit Garut, you will easily find this cake in every corner of souvenirs and special culinary. The price and the taste are varied from Dodol with sphere shape up to oval shape. But among all brands in the market, its name was Picnic. There is Legendary and Popular one since long time a go. The name is Dodol Picnic.
Iton Damiri was the one started to run this business in 1949. His determination is simple yet noble. “He just wanted to make Dodol as the consumption of people in the city. At that time, there was a famous shop in the middle of the market, its name was Picnic. This shop provided imported snacks. The customers mostly were the rich people. Seeing this opportunity, Iton tried to sell his dodol in this shop.”, said H.Ato Hermanto, the directure of PT. Herlinah Cipta Pratama to Health n Tourism.
His efforts worked well, Iton had changed dodol which used to be a country culinary becoming a famous national product for people from Garut and outside of Garut region as well. Even more, the rice people in that area started to take dodol as a snack for their guests and relatives.
Seeing a promising market at the time, in 1957, his brother, Aam Mawardi had an idea to name the products of hid dodol after the name of the shop, Picnic. “it’s means travelling or tourism. So that people who are traveling would always remember dodol as a souvenir,” added H.Ato with his strong Sundanese accent.
The success of this sibilings brought positive effects to culinary in Garut. Indirectly, their business makes dodol as the culture of Garut. Has grown into a giant industry, this business is now run by H.Ato Hermanto as the 2nd generation.
To preserve the existence of dodol, Picnic which has survived for decades, H.Ato Hermanto  creates innovations to adjust the market trend. “To maintain our customer’s satisfaction and keep their loyality, Picnic Dodol always tries to maintain its originality and the quality of dodol that whe produce”, said this man who really loves biking.
If you only knew the classic type which you are quite familiar with, now to respond the change of customers’ taste, the customers will experience new special flavors like strawberry, ginger plus honey, durian, cocopandan, chocolate, and sesame flavors. Its packaging also looks more charming. To get on pack of Picnic Dodol with special various flavors you just need to spend IDR 60 thousand. This dodol really fits for your snack time in your leasure time or when you are traveling. ES
Garut is famous for. Why is that? Once, there was someone who brought the idea that this country culinary should be famous in every corner of the city in Indonesia and even abroad.
source : Tourism and Health Magazine

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