Saturday, June 23, 2012

Sampireun Village : Heaven for Family and HoneyMooner

Sampireun Village : Heaven for Family

Being in Sampireun seems like staying, in a private island. Why? It si because with enclave concept, Sampireun was closed from the surrounding environment. No one could enter without permission, for that reason our privacy is so maintained.
I could see a mother with her children were so happy boarded a boat around the lake. Cheerfulness was drawn in thief face. Each guest who stays here can enjoy the lake with boats which are available in the bungalow. During your time on the boat, thousand of gold fish will accompany you, their colors would tempt you to touch them.
The facilities and the comforts are categorized in the top rank. The calmness and the silence of the villages is very strong, a right choice to break away your fatigue. Pampering your self with Sari Royal Heritage Spa, natural swimming pool and lunches on the deck. The new facilities “Children Playground” would complete the joy of your children when they are having their vacation in Sampireun Village.

Sampireun Village : Heaven for HoneyMooner

Talking about honeymoon, it is the moment which each newlywed couple is longing for. They are also longing for romantic, quiet situation and for sure, all the moments should be kept in happiness to make them unforgettable memories.
Mild atmosphere with temperature between 120 C up to 180 C with “Back to Nature” concept makes Sampireun Village as one of the best honeymoon destinations for you and your lover.
The bamboo trees are rustling when the wind blows like a nature symphony. This symphony will accompany you and your lover when both of you are walking around Sampireun Village. For your information, I haven’t mentioned the candle night dinner on the raft boat. Hmmm… it definitely would bring warmth to you and your lover. Romantic, isn’t it?
Sampireun Village “Like in Heaven” is full with its charming nature beauty and typical style of traditional village yet still with professional service like in starred hotel. It makes Sampireun Village a vacation destination with beautiful environment that you must conquer. For you who want to spend sometimes with your lover, Sampireun Village would give you romantic side that you are looking for . ES
source : Tourism and Health Magazine

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