Sunday, June 24, 2012

Souvenir from Garut

Suvenir Garut
In the and of holiday, you should bring home some souvenirs. In Garut, you can bring home not only dodol but also many other unique and interesting souvenirs. What are they? You would feel strange when you arrived at home with empty hands (without souvenirs) from travelling. Moreover, the situation would be more complicated when your colleagues knew and they had already asked for souvenirs.
Before I left to Garut, I thought that dodol was the only souvenir that I can give to my colleagues. But after I got in the leather stuff centre, I changed my mind. I just realized that there were so many foods and trinkets can be bought for souvenirs. When we are talking about souvenirs from Garut, there are various typical culinary which are available in the shops up to cadgers along the road from Garut to Bandung. You can by various types of dodol here, from the classic type to the latest one. They are available in various flavors. Sale pisang, and various crackers like dorogdog are sold here in great quantity. The prices are relatively cheap; it won’t drain your wallet anyway.
For fashion shopping, Garut is different from Bandung which has many factory outlets or distro that spread all over its region. You will find many differences which would make you feel proud since what you find in Garut are not available in other regions. The differences are in product’s appearance, shape, up to their design especially for products of craft and products with local raw materials. For the example, their leather jacket products are famous in other countries. Try to walk a long Jalan Ahmad Yani in Sukaregang, Garut. You can buy a leather jacket with better quality compare to leather jackets sold in the mall. Meanwhile, for you who want to get a feminine look, you can choose and buy Garutan batik with elegant pattern with genuine Garut silk which is famous since the colonialism era in the past.
And for you who like to decorate each corner of your house, you can buy fragrant roots craft in Jalan Pakuwon region to give a sweet touch to your house.
You can by anything you like as long it fits your budget and meets your needs since there are many interesting and unique options in Garut to be taken home as souvenirs. Enjoy your hunting… ES
source : Tourism and Health Magazine

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