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As one of the cities in West Java that is famous for the products of leather jacket, Garut also have magnificent view of nature with its unique potentials from the beaches up to the seven volcanoes which are surrounding the region. In fact, in the 1920s, Garut was famous and named as “Switzerland van Java” for its incredible nature charm with exotic contour and mild clean air, making this city as one of the destinations that you should visit.
The beauty of its nature led us into this dodol city. What a small, mild, gentle and full sentimental romantic nature touch city it was. Beside for family tour, Garut is also the right choice for you and other couples who want to spend your time together with your lover in your honeymoon time. There are numbers of tourism objects that offer millions of charms so that every single moment you spend with your lover is meaningful and memorable.
For you who need the warm village atmosphere with top hotel facilities touch and strong romantic nuance, Kampung Sampireun (Sampireun Village) and Bukit Alamanda (Alamanda Hill) are better choices for honeymoon.
Its was our pride to enjoy the beauty of Santolo Beach which wass still “virgin” live from the beach through a 3-hour trip to South Garut, riding through the path between mountain cliffs with winding roads contour. But the green view of the hills along the way really removed our fatigue in this trip. It was a beautiful beach and even more when the government really maintained it well. We are sure that this beach would be a competitor for Kuta Beach in Bali.
And behind its legendary story, Situ Bagendit (Bagendit Dam) still have its exotic nature charm. When you visit it with your lover, go ahead… to enjoy the sunset on the raft boat, just the two of you. It is beautiful, isn’t it?
Although it was just for awhile, the nature charm of Garut had instantly stuck in our heart and it would be an unforgettable moment. Garut seemed to have hypnotized to stay there, away from our intense daily routines. Through this 41th edition we would like to share our experience and stories we had in this Switzerland of Java to all readers. Enjoy your reading… Enjoy your trip!!!
source : Tourism and Health Magazine

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