Tuesday, July 10, 2012


Activities and efforts in Garut batik is a heritage that goes from generation to generation and has developed long before the time of independence. In 1945 the popular Main Page Batik Batik as Garutan and experiencing the boom between 1967 sd 1985. In subsequent developments Garutan Batik production has decreased.
This is due to the rapid printing batik / batik cap, lack of interest the next generation in batik business, unavailability of materials and capital, and poor marketing strategies.

Batik fabric is commonly used for scraping Sinjang, but also serves to meet the needs of clothing and more. Garut batik motif forms a reflection of social and cultural life, philosophy of life, and customs of the Sundanese. Garut batik some embodiments can be described visually through the motif and color.

Based on the rationale behind the creation of Garut batik, the motifs are presented as geometric shape characteristic variety of dressing. Other forms of Garut batik motifs are flora and fauna. Generally leads to a geometric form diagonal lines and shapes kawung or rhombus. Didomiansi by a beige color combined with other bright colors which is a typical characteristic of batik scraping.
source: garutkab

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