Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Great Mosque

Great Mosque Silent Witness History Main Page Main Page - Like the Great Mosque which stands in another district capital, Grand Mosque Garut too often become a transit point for migrants in the country to pray and rest. Their choice is wrong. Especially in the courtyard area and around the square there are a number of food vendors Garut that we can choose to fill the stomach after a weary journey.
Garut Great Mosque occupies a land area of
​​4480 m2, located on Jl. Ahamd Yani north Garut Square Main Page. The mosque is a central religious (Islam), and became the main mosque in Garut.
Speaking of the Great Mosque Main Page can not be separated from the actual traces the history of the city and Garut itself. According to historical records, on 15 September 1813 was first built facilities and infrastructure of the capital of the hall, an office assistant resident, mosques, prisons, and the square. But if you see the grave marker is located beside the great mosque, this mosque would be built in 1809 or even earlier. If viewed from the historical record, including the Great Mosque Mosque Garut Priangan oldest on earth.

Great Mosque Garut apparent now not the same as the Great Mosque in the early 19th century. A significant change in the shape of the dome. Garut Great Mosqueat that time embraced the concept of overlapping canopies of three or more known as the roof "nyungcung." Experiencing several renovations, and the last renovation thoroughly dilakkukan on 10 November 1994 and diselesakan on August 25, 1998.
Hopefully, the existence of a silent witness to the history of this Main Page is maintained, unlike the other great mosques that can notcome forward as an icon for the city center was surrounded by a mall and office buildings.

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