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Water is called the waterfall Newbie tejun because, according to local stories in 1968 there was a young woman who put her child from the top of the waterfall, so the waterfall is called the waterfall Newbie. When viewed from this waterfall forms have two waterfall, which symbolizes the presence of a great mother and a small baby symbolizes the baby.Curug infant with height? 45 M has become Objects And Fascination (hereinafter disngkat ODTW) since 21 April 1996. Newbie waterfall is a kind of natural ODTW located in the village Cikandang Cikajang Garut district of West Java Province. Newbie waterfall itself is managed by PT. Plantation owned by PT Nusantara. Papandayan plantations. Operating time of this Newbie ODTW waterfall starts from 9:00 to 16:30 o'clock. This ODTW administrative boundaries as follows:

North: Mount Papandayan
South: Mount Geder
West: Village Cikandang
East: District Pamulihan

Distance from the capital district region Cikajang? 5 km, while the Main Page of the Capital District? 31 Km. Newbie waterfall itself is at an altitude of 250 M above sea level with the general configuration of the land because it is situated at the foot of hills and slopes Papandayan sloping land and steep rate stability and absorption in kawsan soil is good and low levels of abrasion. This type of soil material that is in the form of a rocky clay and gravel. Newbie waterfall has crystal clear water, the smell of normal water and cold temperatures. There is a season during which the influence of dry season water discharges less. Dominant flora around the waterfall Newbie is a pine tree, papaya and other wild plants. While the fauna found in the region, namely monkeys and snakes. Visabilitas quality and environment in the region is relatively good, although there is little pencamaran trash and vandalism in the rocks caused by visitors. 

 There is also a signpost and a bit of advertising signs. Source of electrical power in the region comes from PLN to 220 volts. Sources of fresh water from the waterfall itself that debits are not limited and the quality of crystal clear water, fresh taste and smell normal. Sewage system in Curug Newbie is through septic tanks and irrigation systems in good condition. While the communications system in this region is a walkie talkie with the number 6 pieces in a sufficient condition.Within this region there are several food stalls and souvenir, which menjualtangan and household appliances. There is a parking lot with an area of ​​500 m2 with a capacity of 10 buses, 20 cars and 50 motorcycles. There is also an entrance in pretty good shape.  

In the region there are also two pieces of toilet that also functions as a dressing room and a place to rinse the poor condition of the building. In the region there is also a waterfall Newbie shelter.di this area there is also a gatehouse security facility that also serves as a heading the ticket. Road access is available this region is along the 700 m highway with road width 3-5 m, m sepanjang200 village roads, and trails the length of the ladder? 200 m. Tourists visiting the waterfall Newbie comes from Garut, Bandung, Bogor and Jakarta

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