Wednesday, July 04, 2012

Typical Food Dodol Garut

Dodol Garut a typical food of Kab.Garut and as one of the commodities that also the name of Garut in Indonesia even to foreign countries. Commodities has been going on since 1962, spearheaded by Mrs. Karsinah using a simple manufacturing process and ways and along with the development time, Dodol Garut continues to grow and remains one of the typical cuisine and also commodities Main Page Main Page This is a proud and loving citizens Garut. Dodol was also found in many other areas besides Garut, but lunkhead Garut has many advantages compared with the lunkhead from other cities in Indonesia. Even with a simple way of processing though it still did not reduce the smell, and is also one of the distinctive characteristics of a snack called lunkhead. Garut Dodol sebdiri made from natural ingredients and contain no preservatives, however lunkhead arrowroot can last up to approximately three months. Now the name of arrowroot growing lunkhead flying as typical food Garut, many industries and even small industries developed this Garut commodity products with creative and new innovations such as improved quality and packaging are increasingly dynamic. Various types of dodol arrowroot can be found in shops selling typical souvenirs Garut even in small shops even if we got it very easily. Taste and distinctive aroma make dodol Garut much-loved by many people, including tourists visiting the town of Garut and choose lunkhead as souvenirs. Did not complete it if you come to town and did not bring Dodol Main Page Main Page as souvenirs for loved ones at home.

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